Pre Planning

Why Pre-plan and Pre-pay a Funeral?
By now, most people have heard an advertisement or read about pre-planning a funeral. The advantages of pre-planning and pre-paying a funeral allows you to:

  • Make the arrangements you prefer
  • Pay for the funeral at today’s prices
  • Ease the emotional planning and financial responsibility of your family

Where Do I Start?
Pre-planning is basically an information gathering process, on your part as well as ours. You probably know the type of funeral you want, so contacting us to help you carry out those plans is the next step. You do not have to plan or sign for anything until you are ready. We are not salesmen, but licensed funeral directors. You select the services and merchandise you desire and we implement your selections into our planning of your loved ones funeral. It is that simple. When you are ready, we can meet with you at the funeral home or your residence. You can reach us at (717) 272-0701, by e-mailing us at

How Much Does a Funeral Cost?
This is difficult to answer until we know exactly the type of services you want, including any merchandise you select for the funeral. For example, there are our costs for the services we provide and other costs could include: cemetery, clergy, church, cremation choices, merchandise (casket, vault, prayer folders/cards, clothing), newspaper, organist, hearse, etc. The total cost of the funeral depends on what you choose.

Don't Fall for "Sales" Calls
Be wary of anyone trying to sell you caskets, services, burial vaults and cemetery monuments over the phone, or at your door. These are salespeople who work on commission, and will claim to save you "hundreds, if not thousands" of dollars if you buy from them instead of a funeral home and monument company.

Contact us, or even another funeral home to compare prices, facilities, staff, and services on your terms, without pushy sales pitches. You will actually discover that you are saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by contacting us first. Keep in mind that these salespeople can only sell you merchandise. They are not licensed funeral directors and cannot provide you the actual funeral services. We are here for you 24-hours a day, evenings, weekends, and holidays. Are they?