"Line of Duty" Program

Our "Line of Duty" Program was founded to honor and serve those who sacrificed their life in the line of duty. As our way of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice, Thompson Funeral Home shall provide ALL OF OUR SERVICES AND FACILITIES AT  NO COST, to the Lebanon County families of armed forces members, police officers (city, township, and borough), firefighters and EMS personnel who have sacrificed their life in the line of duty. Honoring those who protect and serve our community.

"Our Little Angel" Children’s Program

"Our Little Angel" program was founded to help the parents who face the lament of childloss. A child is the most precious gift we can receive in life. The love between the parents and child starts immediately in the womb and strengthens day by day. When parents are faced with the loss of their child, they need the support of family and friends to help them cope. Our family funeral home will provide ALL OF OUR SERVICES, FACILITIES, CASKET, URN and HEADSTONE FOR CEMETERY at NO COST. The program serves Lebanon County families of childloss from conception, up to age 5. May the gift of giving be passed on in honor of all our "little angels."